Freelance Sound Engineer

Patrick Ball


Current Position:

In-house producer and studio manager for APE Media's Studio in Stratford.

The studio offers a full range of services including post production for multi media projects, recording and mix/mastering services as well as production services from sound art to backing tracks. 

The studio also operates as a CIC, working closely with the Stratford community to deliver free creative courses and opportunities for young people.


I have worked on a number of studio sessions on a variety of projects including Radio Plays, Band recordings, FX production and mix/mastering projects. I have also worked as a producer and session musician for a variety of artists including ghost writing and composition roles. My main musical interests are Jazz and Hip Hop, typically instrumental styles. 


Fluent use of Logic Software Maschine and moderate knowledge of Ableton, Cubase and Pro Tools.

Good knowledge of DiGiCo, Yamaha desks

Classically Trained Pianist including music theory with varied Jazz and Classical repetoir. Able to read/write music fluently. Intermediate Guitar 

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